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Me Tea


Herbal teas are an absolutely wonderful and gentle way to nourish and support the body. With so many different herbs and blends out there though, knowing what herbs to pick that would work best for you can look like a daunting challenge!

One of my most recent goals was to create a tea that was just right for me. Then go on to create one for my husband and children. This proved to be a fun challenge and I love my morning tea! Now I could just share my recipe with you, but because each of us is different and there are so many herbs to choose from I wanted to share with you how to go about creating a blend just for you. It is not as difficult as it seems and personalizing a blend to your body is the best way to have a tea that will nourish your system just the way it needs to be nourished. Then you will have your own Me Tea!

  1. Evaluate your needs.

The first step is to evaluate your body’s needs. What are the main areas you are wanting to nourish and support? Always tired? Hormones? Achy body? Support digestion? Support elimination? Making a list of the top things you want to address with your tea gives you a guideline of targets to focus on when choosing your herbs.

Secondly in evaluating your body’s needs is to look at your general energetics. We will talk a little more about herbal energetics in a minute but knowing what your body is like can help choose the best herb for you rather than choose one that will further aggravate your system. Are you generally warm or cold? Do you tend to be moist (sweaty) or tend towards dry flaky skin? Are you a calm personality or a little more restless and high strung? These are all important things to look at!

Lastly, are there any herbs that I need to avoid? I am breastfeeding right now so I avoid strong herbs that are not considered safe for children since I know she will get some of it. You want to evaluate if you have any health problems or are on any medications that may interact with herbs. Then you can figure out if there are any herbs you should avoid in your situation.

I like to make a list of these things and once I have this down, I am ready to choose my herbs!


2. Choose your herbs.

Choosing your herbs is much simpler than it looks! Here are a few guidelines to help you choose!

-Start simple and gentle. One thing that sets herbs apart is how gentle they can be to the body. There are herbs that are strong and aggressive and there are times to use those. Generally though you want to start simple and gentle. This allows the herbs to slowly nourish the body and help support your body’s systems naturally. This does mean that you sometimes may not see instant dramatic results, but it is better for your body to be gently nourished. Starting simply and gently allows you to usually make use of more common herbs as well.

-Herbal energetics. As I mentioned above, your body has energetics and so do herbs! Oftentimes the energetics of the herbs are listed right in the general information about the herb. This is wonderful to learn as it allows you to support your system the best that you can and narrow down the herbs much more easily. Is the herb warming or cooling? Does it energize or relax? If you are generally a warm person, you may want to lean towards a cooling herb. If you tend to be tired you may want an energizing herb rather than one that is a relaxant.

Now that we have the guidelines, allow me to give you an example. Let’s say that you want an herb to nourish your digestive system. Perhaps you don’t have a specific complaint to address, you just want to add a support to encourage healthy digestion. There are many herbs to nourish this system, but we want to start with more common gentle herbs. So we narrow it down to ginger and peppermint. Now which one of these is best? Both of these herbs are wonderful and are delicious anytime! But if we want to use it regularly to nourish we want the very best one for us. So this is when we look at energetics. Peppermint is a cooling herb while ginger is warming. If you tend towards being cold with lack of good circulation, ginger may be a good choice as it will help the specific system you want to address while also being supportive to your body in general as it warms and encourages good circulation.


3. Combine your herbs and brew your tea!

Once you have chosen your herbs you can mix them together very simply by using parts. List your herbs in order of importance. A part can be any measurement you choose depending on whether you are making a cup, pot or a large batch to continue to enjoy. A teaspoon, tablespoon or cup can each be one part. Then just assign a part to each herb. For the most important herb you may want 2 parts, the next one 1 part and maybe the least important would be 1/2 a part. Or you can just give equal parts to each herb if you want. I will use my blend as an example.

The herbs I chose:

Red Raspberry: to nourish and support the female system. Also is loaded with vitamins and nutrients and is yummy too!

Nettle: full of nutrients and vitamins and specifically offers iron to support energy and healthy iron levels.

Ashwagandha: is an adaptogen to help support the body against any kind of stress. This adaptogen is specifically nourishing to the thyroid and is warming to the system. It is extremely gentle and safe even for children.

Burdock: full of nutrients and supports the health of the liver and elimination of toxins.

Rose hips: vitamin c to support general health and immune system.

Calendula: nourishes lymphatic system and so much more! Nourishing to skin.

Fennel: supports breastmilk supply and encourages healthy digestion in momma and baby.

I use 1 part red raspberry, 1 part nettle, 1/2 part ashwagandha, 1/2 part calendula, 1/2 part rose hips, 1/2 part burdock and 1/4 part fennel. I then can add other herbs too based on daily needs or to enhance flavor. I love cinnamon chips in any tea as it is warming and love adding elderberry for immune support as well! I like to drink one cup in the morning, but can drink more if needed. A gentle tea can generally be taken a few times throughout the day. If you prefer cold tea you can make a big pitcher and refrigerate for a few glasses each day! If drinking hot, I love to mix a large batch of it and store the dry blend in a jar as this makes it easier to grab each morning rather than adding each herb to a mug every single morning.

Hopefully this helps you formulate the tea that works best for you and create your own Me Tea! I would love to hear what blends you enjoy!





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