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Go Away Bugs Spray


Spring and summer bring so many wonderful things, but one of the not so wonderful things it brings is bugs. Now I know there are good bugs but I am referring to the ones we like to avoid such as mosquitos and ticks. I really don’t like ticks! We have struggled with ticks since we moved to our current home, but this year they are really bad! It is only the beginning of May and we have found so many ticks!

Now I have been making my own spray for outdoor annoyances for a  few years. I try my best to avoid the chemical bug sprays because I know they are not good for you and I especially don’t want to use them on my kiddos. This year though I realized I needed to make it stronger. I decided to try and improve it with the essential oils I had on hand. Then if that didn’t work I figured I would add neem oil as it is supposed to work great as an insect repellant. Thankfully what I tried worked! We tested it right away and I sprayed my kiddos pants, legs, arms and rubbed it on their necks and hair as the ticks always seem to like to hide in their hair! When my kiddos came in, they only brought one tick and it was right on my son’s cheek where I hadn’t sprayed! It has continued to work great! We are working on ways to rid the yard of them naturally, but in the meantime, they are always wearing this spray when they play outside! We have not tested this with mosquitos, as they are not bad here yet, but I am excited to use it if they do come!

This spray is really easy to mix up. It seems like it has a lot of essential oils in it, but it is worth it as it goes a lot farther than it would seem and works so well. Their are only 3 main ingredients in this spray so it mixes up super quickly. The olive oil helps it to stay on the skin longer and the bugs don’t like the taste or smell of these essential oils. So they don’t like it, but it smells great on us!

Go Away Bug Spray

An empty 4 oz. glass spray bottle

4 teaspoons olive oil

18 drops Citronella essential oil

15 drops Peppermint essential oil

15 drops Basil essential oil

14 drops Thyme essential oil

12 drops Eucalyptus Globulus essential oil

10 drops Lemongrass essential oil

witch hazel

-Place olive oil and all essential oils into spray bottle.

-Fill the rest of the way with witch hazel.

-Shake well and apply

I hope this helps to make your summer a little less buggy!


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