Essential Oils

A Day in my Essential Oil Life

Essential oils are an amazing addition to any household. But one of the questions I hear as people start using them is curiosity on how to begin incorporating them. It is hard to know how to transition into natural things sometimes and oils are no different. The first step is definitely to just start using them! A few people have wanted to know how I personally use oils everyday to give them ideas, which led to this post.

Honestly everyday is a little different here. There are a few oils that I use on a daily basis and then there are the ones that are used periodically depending on what happens that day. So for this post I kept track throughout the day of the oils and some of the oil products that we used and how we used them. I tried to snap a few pictures too so you could see these oils. Welcome to a very casual peek into a day in our essential oil life!


Early morning:

I loved watching my man grab his oils and stick them in his pocket to take to work. I was going to try and take a picture of them later to show you, but he is keeping them at work so he can use them throughout the week. He loves Idaho Blue Spruce, Tsuga and Sacred Mountain. These oils smell so amazing! He just rubs them on and smells them!

A little later in morning, but still too early:


My son woke up early this morning with some growing pains in his legs. He was having trouble sleeping. I had just gotten the Young Living Pain Cream so we gave it a try. I rubbed just a tiny bit into his leg and he was more relaxed right away. I also rubbed on a little Celery Seed oil as he loves the feel of it on his legs when they are feeling uncomfortable. I tucked him back in bed with a warm rice bag and he fell right back to sleep. I love having natural things available for my babies.


While I was up I rubbed a little Digize on my tummy as something I ate last night must not have agreed with me.

Later in morning:


My Baby Bean woke up and I rubbed German Chamomile on her tummy after her diaper change. She recently scanned for the German Chamomile so we are using that everyday and she really seems to like the relaxing smell.



I grabbed Citrus Fresh vitality to add to my morning glass of water. I picked this one because I scanned for it so wanted to make sure to include it and I love the taste of this oil!


Next I had to whip up a new batch of hair gel before I could get ready for the day. I use Lavender, Cedarwood and Rosemary in this so mixed that right up!

Morning routine:


I love to try to get ready for the day before my kiddos get up, but obviously this doesn’t always happen! This includes multiple products with oils in them! Mint Satin facial scrub,  facial moisturizer which has Frankincense, Myrrh and Palmarosa, my homemade hair gel and tooth powder with Thieves and Orange!


Next I grabbed my morning oils. I use Endoflex on a daily basis. I also use Copaiba on an almost daily basis as I love the feel of it on my shoulders. It smells so relaxing too. I love to pick another oil for my morning and I just got Highest Potential so this is the one I grabbed. It smells amazing!!


Upon arising, my Posie girl likes to put on her favorite which is Harmony. She loves to rub it on her belly and smell it. She recently scanned for Grapefruit too so we are trying to make sure to add that in as well.


My little man soon got up feeling refreshed and he used the Highest Potential as he liked the smell to launch his morning. He also used a little Lavender as he likes the feel of it on his cheekbones when he is feeling a little drippy.


We forgot to grab our homemade go-away-bugs spray before going outside, but thankfully no ticks today!


My Posie girl did have an itchy bite on her cheek and loved the feel of Melrose on that.


I had to grab a drop of Peace and Calming just because I love the smell of it. Aahhh.


As bedtime rolls around we love to grab some oils that smell relaxing. Lavender is what I grabbed tonight and Baby Bean loves to rub her nose on my finger and smell it.

I grabbed my Peace and Calming again and also a little RC. I have been clearing my throat a lot today so the refreshing scent appealed to me tonight.


I then encouraged my man to add Valor and Peppermint to whatever oils he was using as they seem to encourage a little more slumber and a little less log sawing so I can rest well too. 🙂 Good night!




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