Homemade Nut Butter


Nut butters are a great source of protein and a staple in many pantries including ours! It makes such a quick and easy snack or meal and contributes to so many great recipes! The problem with many store bought varieties is that they can be loaded with additional ingredients, such as hydrogenated oils and unnecessary sweeteners, that I prefer not to serve my family. There are some great natural options out there, but these can sometimes be pricey. Thankfully though nut butters are super simple to make fresh right at home! They whip up together so easily and then you know exactly what is going in them. I also love that homemade nut butters don’t seem to separate much making it much easier to serve since they don’t need stirred. Plus you can’t beat the flavor of a fresh nut butter!

The process is really simple and all you need is a food processor and your nut of choice. We have made peanut butter and pecan butter this way and they were both wonderful! You can try any nut you like though! We have almonds and hazelnuts next on our list. Of course a naturally sweetened chocolate hazelnut butter may have to follow that!

I usually purchase my nuts from our food co-op though you can get them at most grocery stores too. I love to get them salted because I love the flavor in the nut butter, but have used unsalted as well. Basically this is a great recipe to tailor to your tastes!

You need:

About 2-3 cups desired nuts, depending on the size of your food processor and amount that you want to make.

1. Fill your food processor to the maximum fill limit with nuts and place the lid on the food processor.

2. Turn on the food processor and allow it to run until the nuts are completely ground into nut butter. Depending on the nut used this can take 5-10 minutes. They grind up and then gradually reach a smooth buttery consistency. Some nuts you may find yourself needing to turn it off and scrape the sides a little throughout.

Finished! That is all there is to it! Store in a jar in the refrigerator and enjoy your fresh nut butter!

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