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Fruity Vitamin C Gummy Bears


Fruit snacks and gummy bears seem like an iconic childhood snack. As a special treat we have occasionally gotten the ones made with real fruit juice and my kiddos love them. They are a fun treat, but we definitely don’t get them often as I like to try and give my kiddos snacks that have a little more nutritional value and substance. When I learned that you could make them at home my kiddos were quite excited but we put off buying the molds until just recently. As we started with some fruity ones and realized how easy they are my wheels started immediately turning on how I could use these for more than just a snack or goody. I love finding ways to get extra nutrients in my kiddos in ways that are tasty and fun! Enter vitamin C gummies!

Vitamin C is such an important vitamin for kiddos to help support immune health as well as supporting tissue repair, healthy bones and teeth and collagen production for healthy cartilage, ligaments and tissues. In these gummies the vitamin C comes from an herbal infusion made with herbs known for being high in vitamin C. These gummies also contain unflavored beef gelatin which can be soothing to the digestive tract as well as containing collagen to add some extra support for healthy skin, tissue and joints as our little ones grow. They are naturally sweetened with honey and get a little extra flavor from some citrus essential oils. Add these all into a fruity little bear and that makes momma and kiddos happy!


The cute little molds were purchased on Amazon, but you can make these without molds. They won’t be the same cute shapes, but they taste just as good! When we made ours this recipe made enough for more than the two molds we had. So we poured the last little bit into a round cake pan and it made a nice thin layer which we then cut into little squares. So don’t be discouraged if you don’t have a mold!

These go together pretty quickly except that you want to leave a little time for the infusion to sit before making the actual gummies. Other than that they are ready pretty quickly and it is a great recipe to let the kiddos help with! Mine loved filling the molds and of course, the taste testing! These molds came with a handy little dropper which allowed them to fill them easily and without a big mess.

Lastly, there are two options below for the liquid. You can either use 1 cup of the herbal infusion or use part infusion and part 100% juice. We tried it both ways and liked them both, but the one with the juice was a little more flavorful. We also used essential oils to add to the flavor which you can use or omit or even add a little more to get the flavor you like.



Vitamin C Gummies

For the Infusion:

1/4 cup dried rose hips

1/4 cup dried elderberries

1/4 cup hibiscus

1/4 cup dried bilberries

-To make the infusion place all the herbs in a quart size jar.

-Pour boiling water over the herbs filling the jar to about 1 cup.

-Allow the infusion to set for 30-45 minutes.

-Strain the infusion to remove all the herbs. Compost the herbs and allow the infusion to cool if needed.

For  the gummies:

3/4 cup herbal infusion  and 1/4 cup 100% pure grape juice


1 cup herbal infusion


1/4 cup unflavored organic powdered beef gelatin

1/2 cup honey

3 drops each Orange, Lemon and Tangerine Vitality Essential Oils. (We use Young Living Vitality oils as they are labeled for internal use and we love their oils!)

-Place your prepared herbal infusion and juice in a small saucepan. Sprinkle gelatin over liquid and allow it to sit for about 5 minutes to let the gelatin bloom.

-Place pan on a stove burner and set at medium heat. Using a whisk, continue to stir the liquid mixture until the gelatin is completely dissolved into the liquid. Remove from heat.

-Whisk the honey into the liquid mixture until well combined. Add in the essential oils if using and mix well.

-Immediately pour the gelatin into pan or desired molds. Place pans in fridge and allow to set until completely firm. Pop gummies out of molds and store in a jar in the fridge. Enjoy!!


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