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Making Herbal Capsules


There are so many wonderful benefits to adding herbs to your regimen whether it is for a specific action, temporary help or just to give the body general support. Herbs have so many different actions and benefits and because they are natural their nutrients are typically very bio-available to the body, meaning that your body can assimilate and use them easily. What makes them even more wonderful is that there are many different means of taking herbs making them accessible to many different ages and preferences. In other posts we have explored how to make sweet pastilles, fruity gummies and herbal syrups which are all wonderful ways to give herbs to children or picky palettes as they are sweet and delicious. There is always tea as well which is a wonderful and soothing way to enjoy some herbal benefits! But what if you are in a hurry? Or the herbs are less than tasty? Or you are dealing with root herbs which require extra time for decocting? Herbal capsules may be a great option to explore! They are simple to make and once made, easy to grab when in a hurry.

You can purchase many herbs in capsules, but many times these herbs can be less than fresh or can have fillers in them that you may want to avoid. Making them at home allows you to know for certain what is in them as well as allowing you to tailor them specifically to your needs. It is also really simple and provides a great way to have herbal remedies right at your fingertips. It is great to be able to just grab them in the morning or whenever we have a need and they are a favorite way for my husband to get herbal support as he heads off to work!

Some of the capsules that I like to make are turmeric and black pepper capsules for when I am feeling a little achy or I am feeling some tension in my head and back. Activated charcoal capsules are great to have on hand for anytime your tummy is not agreeing with what you ate. We also have capsules that we have tailored to our specific needs including ones I take for energy and nutrition support that I love! I will give the recipe below as an example but you can tailor it to your needs or make a completely different blend. For more information on how to choose herbs for your body you can visit this post that explores this topic.

Making capsules is super simple and you only need a few things:

Empty capsules

-Powdered herbs of choice

Capsule machine

Now a capsule machine is not a must as you can just scoop herbs into the capsules, but this is really messy and in the long run can be wasteful since you can’t pack quite as many herbs into the capsules this way. A capsule machine is actually not expensive and in the long run makes this so much easier and more efficient! Just make sure that you order a machine and capsules of the same size. I use size “0”.


-Once you have your herbs of choice picked out simply mix them together if using multiple herbs.

-Fill the capsule machine with your empty capsules according to the directions. You basically just open up your capsules and place the bigger end in the bottom section, pushing them down until flush and the smaller end in the top.

-Sprinkle the herbs into the bottom part spreading them evenly into the capsules. Use the tamper to pack them down in. Continue repeating until your capsules are completely full.

-Place the top part with the small side of the capsules on top and push down firmly, wiggling gently as you push to make sure it all gets connected well. Pull off the top half and it should be full of completed capsules! Push them out gently and store in a closed jar in a cool dry place.


Now, in case you want a recipe to get you started here is what I use in what I call my “green capsules” to help support energy and nutrition and why I chose these herbs.

-12 teaspoons spirulina powder (contains chlorophyll which helps support healthy iron levels; very high in protein and calcium as well as other vitamins and minerals)

-5 teaspoons nettle powder (also high in vitamins and minerals as well as protein and dietary fiber; helps to support healthy iron levels)

-5 teaspoons ashwagandha root powder (an adaptogen which helps to support the body during stress; nourishing to the thyroid; supports healthy energy levels)

-5 teaspoons red maca powder (highly nutritious; helps to support healthy hormones)

-2 teaspoons cayenne pepper (acts as a catalyst to help the other herbs absorb better; supports healthy circulation)

-2 teaspoons chickweed powder (highly nutritious and loaded with vitamins and minerals)

-2 teaspoons plantain powder (highly nutritious and loaded with vitamins and minerals; helps support a healthy tummy)

-2 teaspoons raw cacao powder (high in antioxidants)

-24 drops Thyme vitality essential oil (helps to support the health of the body; supports healthy iron levels)

I simply mix this all up and make capsules as described above! This makes about 280 capsules which lasts quite a while! I like to store them in the freezer for ultimate freshness. I take about 3 a day to give me an extra nutrient boost as well as supporting areas of the body where I feel I need to focus.

Do you make herbal capsules? What are your favorite herbs to use? Enjoy!


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