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When Baby Keeps Crying..

When our youngest was born she was just as beautiful and perfect as our other two and we couldn’t have been happier. However, we were rather shocked when a few weeks after she was born she started crying one night…and wouldn’t stop. We did everything. Rocking, walking, burping, nursing, check diaper and nothing seemed to… Continue reading When Baby Keeps Crying..


Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Cookies

The idea for this cookie was one I was super excited about and took a little more kitchen experimenting than I expected. The results though were better than I had imagined they would be! These cookies are like a little melt-in-your-mouth cookie truffle that doubles as a healthy protein snack. They have a slightly crisp outside with… Continue reading Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Cookies

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Pumpkin Spice “Roll Ball” Cookies

I love experimenting with new flavors of healthy snacks for my family! Originally I posted this recipe on my blog years ago as an apple spice cookie and then added a double chocolate and double chocolate peppermint version. We love these cookies and they were definitely a popular post on my blog! While I was… Continue reading Pumpkin Spice “Roll Ball” Cookies